Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S3E04: Decimation
Last appearance S3E04: Decimation
Profession Roman Citizen
Race Roman
Relationships Fabia (Sister, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Caesar)
Actor/Actress Jordan Mooney

Cassius is a Roman living in the city of Sinuessa with his sister Fabia.


Cassius had brown, curly hair and a rather slim build. He wore typical Roman clothing, with earthly colored vibrance.


Cassius appears as a timid man who cares deeply for his sister, Fabia, and is mortified when she is killed. Despite his timid nature, Cassius is willing to become aggressive if the situation warrants it.

War of the Damned[]

After Spartacus and the rebel army take over the city, he is seperated from his sister, Fabia (who is secretly being beaten and raped by Nemetes and other rebels).

He is constantly in search of his sister, or at least knowledge concerning her current status.

He is first seen asking Laeta and later Brictius, who beats Cassius until Gannicus intervenes. He thanks Gannicus who scoffs at him in return. Cassius then asks Gannicus if he has knowledge of his sister, describing what she looks like. While Saxa threatens him, Gannicus sees the sorrow in his eyes and politely tells him that he has not seen her. This sends Cassius back into a state of grief.

His sister is later revealed to be Fabia, who was killed (mercifully) by Lysiscus. Her body is

Cassius killed by Caesar.

carried by Nemetes and is later dropped next to him. Cassius is immediately sent into a world of emotional anguish. Moments later, Gannicus arrives and enters into a heated confronation with Crixus and Naevia. When Gannicus knocks Nemetes away as he tries to stop the fighting between him and Crixus, Cassius attempts to choke him to death. Lysiscus has his oppurtunity to kill Nemetes, but throws his knife at Cassius instead, killing him and gaining the complete trust of Nemetes.