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A popular bar and brothel in Capua. It serves as a location where many Romans and other travelers frequent for drink and the indulgement of whores.


Gannicus visits the brothel to spend coin on the services of prostitute Marcia, before undertaking his job as executioner in the Capua Arena.

It is here that Ashur locates the first of his group, Abrax, in the midst of a brutal fight with Hell Beast.

Later, Gannicus revisits the brothel for a drink, having insufficient money to pay for a

Marcia with Gannicus

whore... much to Marcia's disappointment. The pair talk for a moment, with Marcia proclaiming her thoughts - and those of other prostitutes at the premises - towards uprising to join Spartacus. Gannicus cautions her not to be foolish, and to keep such thoughts quiet. Ashur and his group then show up and escort Gannicus to see Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Later still, Glaber himself visits the brothel with Ashur and his men in tow, demanding the whereabouts of Gannicus (since he was a 'regular' there). The brothel owner tells him that Marcia was the only one who might have known, and Ashur had her crucified after overhearing her talk of rebellion. Enraged, Glaber cuts the brothel owner's throat and has Ashur's men interrogate and murder everyone else present, prostitute and patron alike.

Presumably, the business is now either closed permanently or under new management.


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