Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S3E06: Spoils of War
Last appearance S3E07: Mors Indecepta (appearance)
S3E09: The Dead and the Dying (mentioned)
Profession Slave
Race Egyptian
Relationships Julius Caesar (Dominus/Lover)
Opelia (Friend/Fellow Slave/Lover)
Status Deceased (Killed by Tiberius)
Actor/Actress Ayse Tezel

Canthara is a slave granted to Julius Caesar along with Opelia as a gift from Marcus Licinius Crassus.


From East of the Nile, Canthara is a beautiful woman with long, wavy black hair and a tanned tone.


Canthara possesses a unique charm and way with words, holding Julius Caesar in high regard to which Caesar appears to return the favor in sharing an intimate bond with the woman.

War of the Damned[]

Following the retaking of the city of Sinuessa en Valle, Canthara and Opelia are given to Julius Caesar as a gift and reward for his ability to have snuck into the rebel ranks and effectively saw Sinuessa back into Roman control.

Caesar takes to Canthara and Opelia quite well, engaging in intimate moments quite often. When Tiberius seeks Caesar out in order to prepare celebration in his honor, Caesar introduces Tiberius to Canthara and offers her to him as a means for them to put aside their rivarly. Tiberius, however, rejects the offer, believing it to be a set-up to which Caesar then sends the boy off as he tends to Canthara and the other.

Canthara continues to comfort Caesar, even though his wound is still barely sealed. She remarks how he is a God among mortals[1] and the trio once again continue to have more intimate moments.

As the war with Spartacus progresses, so does the rivalry between Caesar and Tiberius. As Caesar attempts to discover what truly happened to Kore, he learns how Tiberius had raped her from Canthara. While Tiberius scoffs at how her opinion means nothing, Caesar asserts that he believes in her word.

Knowing she has information that can be used against him as evidence of his actions against Kore, Tiberius kills her. She is described to have been slit from her throat to her womanhood. Upon hearing this, Caesar becomes enraged. 


  • Canthara was said to have come from "east of the Nile. The implied significance of that could be that she was from the city of Coptos (modern Qift) which was on the main road to the Red Sea coast. Alternatively, she could have been of Bedouin tribal origins, since they had settled in the Sinia Peninsula or in the Eastern Desert of Egypt as early as the Second Millennium BCE. A third possibility is that she comes from the port-cities of either Berenice or Myos Hormos, which hosted merchants from as far as India, and Canthara's family might have come from the Tamil principalities.
  • The name Canthara is of Arabic origin, so Canthara may have belonged to Egyptian Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula or the Eastern Desert of the country.



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