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First appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Last appearance S0E06: The Bitter End
Profession Gladiator (House of Vettius)
Gladiator (House of Solonius)
Race German
Relationships Vettius (Former Dominus)
Marcus Decius Solonius (Dominus, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Joel Oliver

Caburus is a mighty gladiator and champion of the House of Vettius (later the House of Solonius). He appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.


Caburus is a very tall and muscular gladiator who fights in the style of Murmillo


Caburus is very brutal and sadistic, enjoying the pain he inflicts on other gladiators and revels in his more aggressive and "powerful" nature. He enjoys the roar of the crowd and is a fierce combatant on the battlefield, using his strength to overpower any opponent that dares face him.

Combat Prowess[]

He uses his brute strength to defeat his enemies with very few strikes. Although he is powerful and liked for his size and strength, he is despised by professional gladiators and lanista because he is purposely matched against smaller and weaker gladiators.

Nonetheless, he does prove himself to be one of the strongest, most durable and most skilled fighters in the series. During the Opening Games of the New Arena, Caburus manages to defeat some of the best gladiators from the House of Batiatus, including Gnaeus and Crixus, while also being able to hold his own extremely well against Gannicus, who is almost bested by Solonius' champion.

Gods of the Arena[]

After Ashur and Dagan's first match, Caburus fights his first battle under the title champion of th

The face of Caburus.

e House of Vettius. Caburus, towering over all others, fights a Thraex opponent named Drapaes who is barely half his size. After only a few short strikes, Caburus wins the battle and rips his fallen foe's heart from his chest.

In order to match Vettius' offering, Titus and Quintus both travel to Neapolis to buy a champion of equal standing as Caburus, but return empty-handed. Instead, Titus seeks out a champion of worth to match Caburus' power by holding a friendly tournament between the gladiators of Batiatus. Crixus, a relatively new acquisition, won the tournament and thus became the new champion of Batiatus and rival to Caburus, champion of Vettius.

At the opening of the new arena, Caburus leads four slaves who tried to escape servitude onto the sands to

Diona is executed.

be executed. One of the prisoners is Diona. Caburus, is given the order to by his new master, Solonius, and executes all four slaves and clearly relishes the task.

The games begin with elimination matches to decide who fights in the Primus in a team battle. Caburus defeats two of Batiatus's gladiators to get a spot on the Primus team. Once in the Primus, Caburus leads twelve other gladiators from his house to face off against seven of Batiatus' gladiators. They are then surrounded by a ring of oil which is set aflame.

Caburus roars, ordering the troops to attack. After losing four men, Caburus jumps into battle to kill Narto and Duratius, two of Batiatus Gladiators in quick succession. He throws Gnaeus out of bounds but then becomes preoccupied by both Crixus and Gannicus who trade position to fight him.

Caburus is defeated by Gannicus.

After a fierce battle, only Gannicus and Caburus are left in the ring of fire with Crixus watching on from behind the fire (having been thrown out of bounds by Gannicus in order to save his life). Caburus overpowers Gannicus easily and attempts to stab him with a spear from a dead Hoplomachus. Eventually, Gannicus' speed bests Caburus' great size and after snapping off the tip of his spear, Gannicus thrusts the spearhead into Caburus' mouth and breaks his jaw off, killing him.

Killed Victims[]


  • Joel Oliver, the actor who played Caburus is 185cm tall and weighs 135kg.[1]
  • Joel Oliver is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion from New Zealand.
  • In reality, the actor Joel Oliver is shorter than most of the actors such as Antonio Te Maioha.
  • Caburus comes from east of the Rhine.
  • From the image of him fighting in the afternoon matches, his left eye seems to be heavily bruised and almost sealed shut, as well as his teeth being dirty and chipped.
  • Caburus was the only gladiator in the primus of the Games of the New Arena from the House of Solonius to defeat gladiators of the House of Batiatus.
  • Though Germanic, the name Caburus is Celtic, and may be a synonym of the Cavares tribe in Rhone valley, whose name means 'heroes'. As Caburus is Germanic, he may be related to the Celto-Germanic Belgae, who occupied territory between modern Normandy in the west to the Rhineland in the east, or alternateively, was a member of the heterogeneous tribal confederacy of the Bastarnae, which were predominantly Germanic with some Celtic, Thracian and Sarmatian elements. The Bastarnae homeland was located on the Black Sea coast of Europe between the Danube and Dniepr rivers and north-east of the Carpathian mountains. A third possibility is that Caburus may be one of the enslaved children of the Germanic Cimbrian tribe, who against Rome between 113-101 BCE.


(After kicking Gnaeus out of bounds) Caburus: "Capua!!"[2]