Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Last appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Profession Thracian Soldier
Race Thracian
Relationships Spartacus (Comrade, deceased)
Drenis (Comrade, deceased)
Thracian elder (Comrade, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Arkadios)
Actor/Actress John Rawls

Byzo is a Thracian warrior that fought alongside Spartacus when aiding Claudius Glaber and his Roman army.


Byzo is a fairly skinny man with long, graying hair and a thick scraggly beard. His face is fashioned with high cheekbones and long, thin demples that make him unique amongst others. His battle attire consists of a long, red cape over armor that covers his upperbody and a helmet fitted for him.


Byzo is the opposite to Drenis, another Thracian warrior. While Drenis is quick to the idea of opposition against the Romans, Byzo would rather play it safe and abide by their rules just to see them all survive. Because of this fact, Byzo conflicts with Drenis on multiple occasions and especially admits disgust with having to allow the Getae to survive due to chasing the Greeks instead. He shows some dislike for Spartacus as well, considering his attitude towards him on the boat as they all sailed towards Capua as slaves.

Blood and Sand[]

Byzo appears during a meeting with Claudius Glaber and his soldiers from Rome. He along with many of his Thracian comrades dispute the Romans cause for calling upon their aide in taking on the Greeks. At first an older Thracian man acts as the voice for his people, speaking as a middle ground between the opposition of his fellow warriors and the Romans standing before them. When his words have no effect, Spartacus steps forward and speaks to get the Roman's attention. After some time, Spartacus convinces Glaber to accept their cause in eliminating all of the Getae, who would take advantage of the Greek and Roman battles to attack Thrace's villages.

Byzo next appears during a battle with Getae savages, alongside Spartacus, Drenis and the older man from the meeting beforehand. The older man falls in the line of battle while Byzo and the others push back the advancing Getae, with the Romans appearing to further push back their advancement. Byzo watches on as they retreat, chasing after them to slay another during their escape.

Later that night, Byzo is seen serving the scraps of war rather than the spoils enjoyed by the Romans and this sparks a conflict between himself and Drenis, whose anger makes him question why they must suffer with little while the Romans gain everything. Spartacus steps forward and joins the conflict, which leads to a fight between the two. As punishment, the Romans send them as scouts to search out the enemy.

In the morning, after a meeting between Spartacus and Glaber, they all assume that they will be heading in for attack on the Getae, but Byzo informs them this is the opposite, as they are instead facing the Greeks.[1] Byzo cautions Spartacus against taking arms to the Romans, but it eventually turns into a rebellion that ends in several Romans' deaths and Claudius Glaber becoming incapacitated. Byzo curses the lot of them and heads back to his village, only to be caught later and brought into captivity with the rest aboard a vessel h

Byzo's corpse.

eading towards Capua. He looks to see Spartacus awaken and insults him once more, later also commenting on the pleasures seen before them in a party hall for the nobles to which Drenis replies that is the last they'll ever see of such things.

Byzo was sent in for execution before Drenis and Spartacus, and was killed by Arkadios in combat. His body can be seen amongst the other Thracian slaves who were also captured by the Romans.



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