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First appearance S3E04: Decimation
Last appearance S3E08: Separate Paths
Profession Rebel
Race Gaul
Relationships Verenda (Lover, deceased)
The Veteran (Friend)
Crixus (Friend, deceased)
Naevia (Friend, deceased)
Nemetes (Comrade, deceased)
Donar (Comrade, deceased)
Saxa (Rival, deceased)
Gannicus (Rival, deceased)
Nasir (Rival)
Agron (Comrade)
Spartacus (Leader/Rival, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Caesar)
Actor/Actress Jason Hassel

Brictius is a rebel slave under the command of Spartacus.


Brictius has a toned thin build with a shaved head and small brown beard. He wears makeshift rebel armor and wields a sword as his weapon.


Quick to anger, Brictius is aggressive, hostile and reckless. His violent nature is shared by many other Rebels and he in particular has a unique blood-lust. It is clear that he also harbors resentment towards rebels with morality such as SpartacusNasir, Saxa and Gannicus.

Combat Prowess[]

Brictius is an average fighter, adept in both the use of a sword and unarmed combat. While engaged in battle, Brictius will often employ unarmed techniques such as punches or kicks to gain the upper hand on his opponents.

War of the Damned[]

Brictius was first seen beating Fabia's brother, who had asked him if he had seen his sister. When Brictius tries to assault him again, Gannicus throws him to the ground. Brictius tries to pull out his sword but th

Brictius in Sinuessa.

Brictius subdued by Saxa.

e Celt threatens him leading Brictius to finally leave, saying that the Roman should have his head put on a spike, something Gannicus starts considering.

When the rebels are spurred by Crixus (Through a ploy by Nemetes and Julius Caesar, who had successfully infiltrated the city in disguise) to slaughter the Roman prisoners, Brictius goes on the move with The Veteran to do this. Saxa attempts to bring what surviving Romans to Spartacus but she is intercepted by Brictius with The Veteran following behind. Believing she is nothing without Gannicus, Brictius attempt to kill her but she easily subdues him. Saxa holds a dagger to a scared Brictius' neck, she insults him on losing to her.

Afterwards, Spartacus arrives and puts an end to the slaughter and admonishes them for their action; much to Brictius' and the other Rebels chagrin.

Following this event, he is almost always at Crixus and Naevia's side possibly becoming one of Crixus' top lieutenants.

Brictius is with the other rebels as Spartacus leads the surviving Romans out of the city. He spits and berates the freed prisoners.

When the Cilician Pirates betray the rebels and attack with the hidden roman soldiers in their ship, Brictius comes to Spartacus' aid along with Naevia, Crixus, Nasir and Lugo and finds victory at the dock

Brictius in the mountains.

but when the Romans invade the city, Brictius and the other rebels are forced to abandon the city and retreat to the cold mountains. He is sitting next to a campfire with Spartacus, Crixus, Saxa and Agron.

Brictius moved towards Castus and calls him a traitor and also begins to beat the pirate after Castus is unitimidated by him. Nasir spots this and puts an end to Brictius' assault. Brictius tells Nasir that he is lucky that he is Agron's "boy" to which Nasir smirks and stares Brictius down. Brictius (intimidated) then walks off but not before spitting on Castus who refers to him as a "dim brute" while speaking to Nasir.

Brictius is killed by Caesar.

When Spartacus and his small clutch of rebels attack the Romans over the other side of the trench, Brictius is with them and helps Lugo dig though the trench where the other rebels can escape.

As the rebels move north, Brictius aids in holding off the soldiers sent by Crassus and helps attack the villa they take over.

When Spartacus and Crixus decide to take separate routes, Brictius chooses to remain with Crixus and march towards and destroy Rome. He survives Crixus' War Campaign alongside his lover, Verenda, including the victory against Arrius. When they are ambushed between Crassus and his legions, he puts up a fight against the Romans. He rages after Verenda's death, fighting Romans even without sword in a maddened frenzy, but is finally stabbed through the back of his throat by Caesar.


  • As one of the more capable fighters in the Rebel Army, there is a distinct possibility that Brictius may have been a gladiator, although, one from a different ludus than the House of Batiatus. Brictius could have been a Pastores. Pastores were slaves who worked as herdsman around the Italian countrysides in Ancient Rome, and were trained in combat and given weapons in order to protect their masters stock from thieves and wild animals.
  • Brictius is the second rebel to be hated in the series. The first is Nemetes. Ironically, the two are killed by Caesar.


  • "I do not see Gannicus among you, not cause to heed his bitch" 

-to Saxa[1]

  • "They are eager for Roman blood, as any true to our cause should be"

-to Crixus, cut dialogue in Decimation

  • "You traitorous fuck! Nemetes, Donar and hundreds of our brothers, lay dead in the city....while you take fucking meal?"

-to Castus

  • "If you were not Agron's boy, you would stand as bloodied for shielding this little cunt."

-to Nasir


-last words before being stabbed through the back of the throat by Caesar.[2]



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