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Blood Brothers
Season 3
Number Episode 05
Date Aired March 1, 2013
Writer Allison Miller
Director TJ Scott
Previous Decimation
Next Spoils of War

"Blood Brothers" is the fifth episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned. It is the thirty-fourth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Spartacus puts a plan in motion to weaken Crassus' forces and gain the upper hand. Betrayal threatens to foil the plan.


Dead Bodies hanging in the storage room of Sinuessa.

After the massacre of most of the surviving Romans led by Crixus at Sinuessa, Spartacus has all the bodies taken to a storage room. The bodies are lined up on the floors, shelves, and even hanging from the rafters of the roof. Spartacus walks in with Agron, Donar and Nasir and tells them to make sure the bodies are cleaned and salted to prevent decay, as he may be able to make use them. Agron leaves with Spartacus, leaving Nasir to salt the bodies with Donar. When Nasir asks Agron to stay so they can talk, Agron dismisses him and tells him that he may have more luck with Castus.

At the training grounds, Crixus and another former Gladiator from the Batiatus' Ludus spar while being watched by Brictius, Nemetes , Naevia, and the rest of those nearby. Spartacus notes, as he and Agron watch from afar, that ever since the night the Romans where killed, Crixus has looked at Spartacus the same way he did back at the ludus when he hated him. Agron tells him he hopes they won't get to a point where Crixus will behave that way, and notes that ever since that massacre, Crixus has gained more respect among the rebels. Spartacus asks Agron how he feels about the deaths of the Romans to which he tells Spartacus that he stands with him, on every matter.

At the docks, Gannicus, Sanus, and Lugo are drinking when Saxa arrives. The others give Saxa a hard time, due to her stance during the massacre. Saxa insults them in German, and Gannicus waves off the insult. Spartacus arrives and asks Gannicus why he is drinking when they need to prepare for their trip to Sicilia. As Gannicus explains drinking calms Lugo's nerves and his fear of the sea, Heracleo comes and tells Spartacus the boat is ready and that he wishes them luck on their voyage. When Spartacus asks why the pirates do not go with them, Heracleo tells him he has other matters he must see to, and that he is leaving Tryphon to assist them. As he wishes "King Spartacus" good luck, he and Castus walk past Caesar, who remains hidden as he spies on the actions of rebels.

Kore in the followers camp.

At the Roman followers' camp, Tiberius sits by as the fellow privileged soldiers grope and grab women, and pick on the punished men. Tiberius looks at the white stone in his hand, and remembers Sabinus' death by Decimation. He then grows angry when he watches two of his men fight each other. He walks over and angrily asks "You wish to fight now ?! " he punches and throws them both to the ground yelling at them. He blames their cowardice and retreat for the death of Sabinus, who was the only one who stood his ground. As he yells at them, Kore watches from a distance, but her attention is soon pulled to the trumpets and a Roman commander riding through to the main encampment.

At the main camp, Crassus is giving orders to request more grains to keep their stores from falling to low levels. He then turns to greet Senator Metellus and apologizes to him for the informal greeting as he was unaware of Metellus even leaving Rome. Metellus asks Crassus why he was granted an army, only to keep it idle less than a day's march from Sinuessa. Crassus tells his armies that he personally funded as he sees fit. Metellus also asks if it's true that Spartacus won a skirmish and that the surviving Roman soldiers went through Decimation as punishment, both of which are confirmed as true by Crassus. Metellus tells him that while the people may rejoice the day Spartacus dies, they are already praising Pompey for his victories and completed campaigns. Crassus assures him that while Pompey may be victorious and returning home with his armies, Crassus is putting plans into motion and has placed Caesar inside the city, something that Metellus does not like. Crassus tells him that he intends to play this smart instead of a direct assault, something that others have tried and Pompey would surely try as well. Crassus goes on to admit he admires Spartacus, that he has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most feared men in Rome, something that Crassus believes deserves admiration. Seeing that Metellus is angry with what he sees as pointless waiting, Crassus asks if sending out a small force would better matters, and goes on to offer a chance to join in on the victory or to leave and let those who wage war do so on their own.

Nemetes tossing Caesar a sword.

Back in Sinuessa, Nemetes tosses Caesar a sword in gratitude for saving him from Cassius. Caesar says he yearns to put it to proper use, but Nemetes tells him to wait as one day he shall and they would split Rome in half. Caesar sees Crixus and purposely lets him hear that Spartacus is not within the city. Upon hearing this, Crixus questions and bemoans the fact that Spartacus left without words. Caesar continues, telling Crixus, Naevia, and Nemetes of Spartacus' plan to attack Crassus in Sicily. Crixus tells Nemetes and Caesar to find Heracleo and discover Spartacus' intentions while he and Naevia go and speak with Agron. After they leave, Nemetes mentions that the chasm between Crixus and Spartacus widens every day, before taking his leave whilst Caesar remains with a satisfied grin due to his manipulations.

Sibyl and the Rebels tending to the Roman's in Spartacus villa.

Back at Spartacus' villa, Sibyl, Agron, Donar, and other Rebels are tending to Laeta and her people. Laeta thanks them for watching over her people and says that she appreciates their kindness but Agron and Donar repute that, saying that Laeta and her people would have them for the afterlife, just as they themselves would have the Romans, were it not for Spartacus' orders and their respect for him. At that moment Crixus and Naevia burst in. Agron tells them they will not lay a hand on the Romans but Naevia tells him that they don't care for his "Roman pets". Crixus demands to know why Spartacus left the city. Agron asks where he heard this information but Crixus doesn't say, only wanting his question to be answered. Agron tells him he'll get it when Spartacus returns. Crixus says he thought more of Spartacus than a coward of secrets and schemes, but Agron states Crixus is no better as he killed the Romans absent command. Crixus justifies his actions by saying the prisoners are the enemy, no different from the ones they suffered beneath as slaves or the ones that killed Agron's brother, Duro. He then remarks on how Agron should follow his heart and asks what it tells him now. Agron says that they are different men now but Crixus replies "Not all of us" and tells Agron to let Spartacus know that he would have words when he returns from Sicilia. Crixus and Naevia take their leave while Agron angrily walks off.

Spartacus at the bow of the ship.

On the sea, Spartacus is on the bow of the ship when Gannicus walks up to him. He says that he has seen many of Spartacus' plans but never imagined they would take them across the sea. Spartacus remarks that the last time he was on a ship he was bound for Roman soil and his wife was taken from him. He says it is a thing the Romans would eternally regret. Gannicus says he has no doubt about that but says his mind is troubled as Crixus is loose within the city, while Crassus is not too far away and says it is a bad time to attack Crassus' shipments. Spartacus says the grain is meant to feed Crassus' legions and taking it will weaken them while strengthening the Rebels.

Gannicus then says he gets the point and jugs a big bottle of drink, Spartacus comments on this and Gannicus says "A man must do what he can to brace against the simple things of a day". Spartacus says he holds Gannicus in higher esteem as would many if he were to fall. Knowing what he's implying, Gannicus reminds Spartacus of his thoughts toward the subject, he is no leader. Spartacus says he proved himself more so than Crixus when the slaughter of the Romans was happening Gannicus says if Naevia hadn't knocked him unconscious he may have killed Crixus, but Spartacus says he would not have. 

Spartacus and the rebles attacking the Roman cart.

Gannicus does not say anything until Saxa comes up and says they are near land and the blood of Romans. She kisses Gannicus and walks off. Spartacus says that perhaps one day Gannicus will find reason in his heart to "assume deserved mantle". Gannicus makes a joking remark about he may fall this very night and leave Spartacus to cry with the other women he laughs and walks off to join Saxa. A cart being led by Romans is marching towards their destination when the Rebels attack. A brief battle ensues, ending with the rebels killing all the Romans, open the cart and say Crassus well supplies them.

At the Roman camp, Crassus is walking and spots his son giving a cold stare at him. He tells Kore that he looks into Tiberius' eyes and no longer sees the boy he once knew. 

Crassus and Kore about to love.

Kore remarks about this as well and suggests that Crassus should try and bring his son closer. Crassus says he would want nothing more but states that his son must find his own path or be forever lost. He and Kore trade a few words before making love. Back in the Sinuessa tavern, Castus is passed out from drink while Nemetes and Caesar question a drunken Heracleo who mistakenly gives out most of Spartacus' plans. While he goes to relieve himself with a prostitute, Nemetes suggests getting more information before going to Crixus. Caesar tells him he was thinking the same.

In the morning at Spartacus' villa, Nasir is watching over Laeta who is telling Ulpianus' widow that she must eat, and remarks about Agron who is giving them a cold stare. Nasir says they are not the reason for his lover's stare. He goes and tries to speak with Agron who quickly rebukes him saying he has to greet Spartacus upon the docks. Agron reveals his anger saying Nasir was with Castus after he was commanded not to be around him, and not to make a scene for he would have equal passion if he were in similar situation. Nasir tells him that he came upon Castus in the streets with barely enough time for words to break between them when the massacre began. Agron questions the tale, asking Nasir if he is to believe of all those in the city, Castus miraculously appears by his side and is left speechless when the Nasir says he would believe Agron if the same happened to him. Donar appears and breaks up the argument by telling Agron that they have a problem.

Naevia and Crixus are on the wall where they spot a group of soldiers approaching from the fog. Naevia tells Crixus that soon Crassus' legion would come charging at their wall. Crixus tells the Rebels to gather weapons and open the gate, but Agron tells him that Spartacus gave strict orders not to attack Crassus. Crixus then brings up Spartacus' assault on Crassus in Sicily. Agron remind Crixus that he does not lead the rebels, to which Crixus replies "Perhaps it is time I should". The crowd cheers before Spartacus arrives and demands to know what is going on. Agron tells him of the Romans gathered on the hill and how Crixus has given order to open the gate. Spartacus says he would see it open as well which the rebels are pleased to hear. Crixus says that Spartacus has at last fallen to reason but Spartacus says he wants it open to release the remaining Roman prisoners, which shocks everyone in attendance.

Spartacus and his men then go to the villa and unchain the roman prisoners as this is happening Laeta is worried about his men attacking them while they go through the streets. Spartacus says he is going to Sicily which Laeta says he is turning from a noble cause. Only for Spartacus to tell her he is turning from nothing and says he is taking all those loyal with him as Laeta says "Would that this change happened before unfortunate events" Spartacus says they have both been injured only for Laeta to tell him he has only suffered a scratch and is walking down a harsh path. Spartacus tells her he is going down a path that Rome set him upon and tells her to be thankful that he has decided to release her and the others and to pray to her gods that he never returns. He unchains her and takes the Romans through the streets while the rebels scream and attempt to attack the Romans only to be restrain by Spartacus and others while most of rebels curse, spit and even urine on the Romans. Crixus tells them that they were blessed because Spartacus was a fool, but still lets them go, commanded by Spartacus.

Following the departure of the Roman prisoners, Crixus confronts Spartacus in private, demanding to know Spartacus' motive for releasing the prisoners saying he has put the rebels at risk. Spartacus replies that he move closer toward victory it was all part of his plan to move against Crassus. While he and others go to Cecilia to gather Crassus' food, Crixus and others will go to Melia Ridge, dividing Crassus' forces. Crixus asks if he is to stay in the city but Spartacus says he will with his men while he and the rest attack Crassus in Sicilia while fooling Crassus into believing they are still in the city by having the Roman bodies dressed up in Rebel clothes and have him divide his legions to protect his supplies. Crixus says that he will be too few to defeat Crassus but Spartacus says once Crassus has caught on he will send his men to Melia Ridge to face Crixus. They then tell him that Crassus will soon break his legions so the rebels will be able to take Crassus' men from both sides. Crixus realizes that Agron knew of this when they broke words, but Spartacus says that he had only Agron to confidence initially and told Gannicus of it upon their return. He defends his decisions with the fact that he could not risk Laeta and her people knowing of his true plan. Crixus voices his disapproval for the three only to be silenced by Gannicus who explains to Crixus that he has been disagreeable of late and asks if it was any wonder he and his woman were left from fold. Spartacus says that they must move past it or fall to ruin. Crixus realizes Spartacus is right, but says that Diotimos spoke of how the ridge was impassable during the winter season and how he will be too few to defeat Crassus. Spartacus again reveals more of his plans, saying "A thing the Romans will believe as well, but you will prove them in grievous error" to which Crixus says "A lesson I long to teach". Sanus, and others are the first wave to go to sicilia (due the Rebels still did not trust the pirates, Sanus, one of Spartacus trusted men is allowed to go). Heracleo tells to Spartacus that if Castus awakes from drink, they shall come back for him.

It then goes to the Roman camp where Crassus is discussing business with Rufus until Metellus walks in with Laeta who tells Crassus of Spartacus' plans Crassus tells her it is a miracle that she lives but Laeta said it is because she was married to the Aedile. Crassus asks her over her marriage to Ennius and Laeta reveals that Spartacus knew that and forced her to give aid to his cause which Crassus takes note of. Metellus says that Laeta gives vital information and asks Crassus why he doesn't act. Crassus is then handed a note from one of his men and says "As I said before, I wait for divine moment now presented". He thanks Laeta for her information and tells her he wishes to break words with her again once he retakes her city. He then orders Rufus to tell the legion to prepare for an advance on Sinuessa.


Tiberius about to rape Kore.

erius is called to Kore's tent she gives him wine, and tries to comfort him, due he is still saddened by the loss of his friend, and the ruthless command of the Imperator. Kore hugs him, and tells him that everything will be as it was. Tiberius impulsively kisses her but Kore, stops him saying he mistakes her intent Tiberius however, grabs her arm and says him that his father took something from him, he would have something in return. Kore tells him to stop, but Tiberius grabs her neck and reminds him that she is a slave, and would do as he commands. Tiberius throws her on the bed where he rips her dress and starts to brutally rape Kore as Sabinus' white stone rolls to the floor.

In the city, Castus is vomiting in the city plaza and accidentally moves in front of Lysiscus who is walking towards the port, where he finds Nemetes and his friends, who tell him that they are going to Melia Ridge, but Lysiscus wants to go to Cicilia. Nemetes reminds him that they but follow command, and they must see "game to bitter end". Lysiscus accepts.

Nemetes killed by Caesar.

Nemetes continues his way, but when he turn back, he sees his two friends killed by Lysiscus, and engages battle with him. Lysiscus easily disarms him and reveals his true name: Gaius Julius Caesar. He attempts to kill Nemetes, but Nemetes stops him and tells if he spares him offers aid, he could see him close to Spartacus, due to him did not considering the Rebels as his people. He wishes live and return to the lands at the east of the Rhine. Caesar tells him that the offer is much appreciated, but he had made other arrangements, he slices Nemetes' throat, killing him. Once dead, he spits on Nemetes' corpse and walks off.

Meanwhile, in the dock where Spartacus and Gannicus have arrived the discuss the pirates late arrival but soon turn their attention to Heracleo who apologizes for his late arrival. Spartacus looks around and asks where Sanus is to which Heracleo says he is dead Spartacus asks if he fell to the Romans but Heracleo tells Spartacus "To their desires and the weight of more coin that even a king could offer". He then reveals the necklace Crassus had and takes out a sword. Tryphon and other pirates then take off a trap on the ship revealing they brought a legion of Romans to the city. Heracleo apologizes to Spartacus saying that he did not wish for him to die in a dishonorable way. Caesar arrives and stabs the rebel king in the back with a knife, but Gannicus punches him, and takes out the knife and engages battle with him, he later throws the knife at Tryphon, killing him. Spartacus kicks Heracleo, and starts fighting the Romans, later he commands a rebel to seek help. Pollux and Rabanus the arrive to help the rebel leaders.

Caesar shouts to a squad of Romans and tells "Over Here! We must gate open and city retaken !" He and his men then go to the main gate. Agron, alongside Saxa and Donar were preparing the bodies to fool the Romans, but Caesar arrives, and they engage in battle. Agron and Caesar fight 1 to 1, Agron calls him traitor, but Caesar tells him that he is a Roman. Caesar punches Agron and commands his soldiers to open the gate. Agron gets up and tells Donar to stop them. He obeys, kills several Romans and cuts the rope that held the gate. Caesar is now the last Roman fighting in the entrance of the city, and he grabs a bottle of pitch, and throws it against the gate. Caesar then avoids one of Donar's attacks, and throws a torch of fire to the gate. At last he grabs another bottle and throws it against the gate.

"Blood Brothers".

Spartacus, Gannicus, Rabanus and Pollux continue to fight the Romans, but the rebel leaders are being trapped in a circle formation of Romans. Suddenly Crixus arrives jumping from the port and kills one soldier while jumping, alongside him appears the rebel that Spartacus commanded to seek for help, with Naevia, Brictius, Nasir, Lugo and others. They slaughter the soldiers and the pirates. Spartacus engages battle with Heracleo, and easily defeats him slashing his face, his body falls to the sea. Later Spartacus thanks Crixus for arriving in a fortunate moment. Crixus reminds him that he had often done the same from him. They shake hands and Gannicus warns Spartacus that roman ships are arriving into port. Spartacus commands them to fall back to Melia Ridge.

"Now it would be time to run".

Caesar is fighting Agron and Donar at the same time, though he puts up a decent fight, he is defeated by Agron by hitting him in the face with the shield. Agron then tells him "Whatever your plan, it dies with you, Roman". But suddenly comes a noise from the gate. The gates breaks, revealing that it was a battering ram from Crassus' Army. Caesar gets up holding his sword and firmly pointing at the three stunned Rebels, states "Now would be time to run".

Historical Context

The betrayal by the Cilician Pirates took place in early 71 BC, sometime after Crassus' first victory against the rebels, following the defeat of Mummius. Spartacus had brokered a deal with the pirates to ferry several thousand rebels to the island of Sicilia (modern Sicily), possibly to begin an uprising of slaves on the island, similar to that of the First and Second Servile Wars. However, either by simply acting on their pirate nature, or from fearing the wrath of Crassus, the pirates decided to betray Spartacus.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Donar
  2. Nasir
  3. Spartacus
  4. Agron
  5. Gannicus
  6. Saxa
  7. Heracleo
  8. Castus
  9. Tryphon
  10. Lugo
  11. Sanus
  12. Nemetes
  13. Julius Caesar
  14. Crixus
  15. Naevia
  16. Laeta
  17. Ulpianus' wife
  18. Tiberius
  19. Marcus Licinius Crassus
  20. Metellus


  • In this episode, we learn that Pompey has defeated Sertorius.
  • Tryphon is the only Pirate named to be killed in this episode. It is presumed that Sanus has killed many Pirates before they killed him offscreen.
  • Spartacus and his Rebels lost Sinuessa in this episode.


"The Senate did not grant me an army, they granted command. Every horse, every sword, every man your eyes lay upon was purchased with coin from my own vault, and will be set to purpose by Marcus Crassus alone." -Marcus Crassus to Mettellus

"The Senate does not tremble, except in anger that you fail to act." -Mettellus to Crassus

"Now would be time to run"

Caesar to Agron ,Donar ,and Saxa



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