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F'ing-gauls F'ing-gauls 5 September 2021

Gladiator background stories

Hi all,

I'm very interested in the gladiators from Batiatus's ludus, and while I've tried to learn what I can about them from queues in the show, there's only so much I can glean. So I've started coming up with my own backstories for them, which I will summarize below in case anyone else is interested. I tried to use as many clues from the show as possible, but obviously I've had to create my own scenarios. However, I try to keep all of these in line with the events, contexts, and themes of the show. That being said, I'm a sucker for happy endings and I've added additional self-indulgent "fix-it" scenarios in parentheses wherever I feel inclined, feel free to ignore them. Please let me know if you've had any thoughts about these guys' stori…

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 7 November 2018

Fanon Pages

I'm thinking, to carry on this series, contributors and users could borrow from the Avatar: The Last Airbender wikia and add their own Fanon pages?

Good idea. I have a Spartacus Fanon Wiki logo i made a few years back if anyone wants to start it? :|

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 24 June 2016

Fanon wiki

Is anyone still interested in the Fanon wiki. The show ended 3 years ago now, and I've been as busy as I can working on my wiki. I've pretty much been trying to add 60,000 pages to my wiki, one for every one of the rebels. It's a more historical wiki to do with Spartacus, but I'm still using images from the show. I could use all your help to make the wiki grow. Anyone?

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SSRChampion SSRChampion 3 May 2015

The Egyptian vs Theokoles poll

Hello, fans of Spartacus. This debate is designed to have all the fans of Spartacus vote on this matchup and finally decide who would win in this fight rather than continue this argument.

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SSRChampion SSRChampion 26 April 2015

Do you think we should have a page for Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery ?

On the wiki of all things Spartacus it came to my attention that we are without a page for the Spartacus board game. Should we add one in ? Thoughts ?

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SSRChampion SSRChampion 21 March 2015

Spartacus vs Gannicus (Equal Standing)

Upon much thinking about ranking warriors of Spartacus it comes to the age old debate about who is the better warrior Spartacus or Gannicus. Now I think they stand equal but only because they are Gods on their respective fronts. Gannicus was the god of the arena and as someone stated had an uncanny ability to win fights even when losing. Caburus superior in strength smashed Gannicus around and almost killed Crixus. Gannicus enters his rage mode and pulls an excellent counter tearing most of his jaw off. Knocked to the ground by The Egyptian and sees Oenomaus fatally wounded and kill him easily within 20 seconds. Gannicus in his prime in Gods of the arena was the god of the arena and that was as Batiatus described as his "Olympus." Spartacu…

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SerialSniper14 SerialSniper14 26 February 2015

Thank you, Gladiators

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the dedication they have shown for this Wiki. It's felt like eons since that day I started this with a little html knowledge and even less awareness of the commitment it takes to keep a site like this running. At the time, it wasn't even clear if there would be a green light for a 2nd season, but thank the gods that it was to be.

We have survived this long because of the outstanding commitment of our Admins for their vigilance and perseverance, as well as the extensive attention to detail by each and every person who has taken moment to make a correction or clean up an article. Thank you all for your guidance and loyalty to the series and to this site.

The gods are merciful.

Thank you, gl…

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SSRChampion SSRChampion 3 January 2015

Theokoles vs The Egyptian settled

Theokoles would best the egyptian and here is why:

They are NOT the same in immunity to pain. Theokoles let Crixus sword go right through him and felt nothing. The egpytian does feel pain but he is just a strong guy. He shows it when Oenomaus slashes him and punches the wound and even goes "oww" when Gannicus cuts his arm.

Pain resilience - Theokoles.

When Striking Theokoles is shown to shake shields with his strikes and flipped Spartacus into Crixus. Then after Spartacus trapped Theokoles' sword under his shield before using the handle of his sword to hit him in the mouth Theokoles smiles before flipping him up in the air. The Egpytian broke a guys neck with his bare hands. His punches and kicks are deadly both floored Crixus and Gannicus. T…

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 24 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Howdy everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there, and, if you don't celebrate Christmas, a Happy Holidays :)

Stay safe everyone and remember the spirit of the rebellion remains strong in each of us! 

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Ookinooki Ookinooki 9 November 2014

I'm Back! Now let's see if it looks like Reign

Well, I'm back!

It's been almost seven months since I last edited the wiki, and I must say I've missed it. Without going into too much detail, due to personal issues, and a major lack of available time, I had to cut something out of my life and the wiki sadly drew the short straw. I know that I left smack bang in the middle of helping Adventus with his idea, and for that, I'm truly sorry. Have no fear though, as that is now at the top of a (VERY) long list of jobs that I have somewhere for me to do on this wiki.

Now, I see that some old friends are still here and it's good to see you all again! I also notice some new names in the activity logs, so I'd just like to say I'm sorry I wasn't here when you became editors of our small wiki, but I'm…

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 1 November 2014

New Article - Rebel Captains - Poll (CLOSED)

Greetings my brothers and sisters! I hope you are all well 

I am creating this blog in hopes to address something that we should all have a say in before it moves forward. Annewbiz has suggested creating a page dedicated to the Rebel Captains. Personally, I feel that our article Rebel Commanding Authority covers all the ground needed within the Rebel rankings and heirarchy and feel that the article may be redundant. I know an argument could be made in regards to the Rebel Generals article though I justify that article more in that they are based on the Historical figures. Our other articles such as the Rebels article does a cover on the Rebel's plot-line throughout the series. However, this is my opinion on that matter and I don't want to ma…

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Myhmedic Myhmedic 11 August 2014



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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 22 April 2014

Oenomaus in War of the Damned

Greetings everyone! Hope you are all well.

I've done probably my hundreth Spartacus marathon, and was curious on a certain "what-if scenario". This one being that of what if Oenomaus had survived and continued with the Rebellion in War of the Damned.

The third season really follows a theme of honour and morality and given that our beloved Doctore is the most morally virtous and honourable of people, was wondering if anyone else thought he might have been disillusioned by the Rebels more atrocious actions? Gannicus, who is close in moral fibre, seemed to take on the duty as moral advisor to Spartacus which is something I think Oenomaus would have been had his involvement been covered.

I have no doubt that he would fight against the soldiers, b…

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 22 February 2014

Wow, how well would this have gone with Spartacus???

This song "Glory and Gore" by Lorde. This video has the lyrics with it. I swear it's like she wrote this song while watching Spartacus (she may have since there is that New Zealand connection). But seriously, someone could make a hell of a Spartacus video matching up with this song:

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 12 February 2014

Spin-Off Ideas and Other

Greetings my brothers and sisters! Here's hoping the Gods have blessed you all so far and that Jupiter himself has kept away from your rears!

It's been awhile since this Wiki had a Blog and I figured, since we all on here are a small, yet close community of people with an actual respect towards one another, unlike other Wiki's (No offence!), I figured perhaps it's time I make something. Yes it's a little long but what are blogs for? So sit back and read and give your opinion! Or just skim...if that's your thing!

There's been a lot of talk about possible Spin-Off's so I was hoping to do a little write-up of some possible ideads and gauge your opinions on them and perhaps here one's of your own? I love this world of Spartacus and would like to…

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Hgreenberg Hgreenberg 1 January 2014

language style

Anyone know how Stephen Knight developed the language?  It's intriguing and I wonder if there is any factual foundation.


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Alain86 Alain86 1 November 2013

Spartacus Italia Wiki

Hi guys! I'm sorry if I have not been very present for posts but I read you always, I was busy to create my Spartacus Wiki and for this reason I would show you for an opinion or judgment with no problem :) and I also would ask you if is possible to add my italian version in yours and vice versa if you want

This is my Wiki and I hope you like it, it's not complete but I'm alone and I need to time but I've fun [1]

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 25 September 2013

New updated to Spartacus: Legends

A new patch is adding new features to the free to play Spartacus Legends.

1. Tournament Mode has been added to the game. This feature allows players to compete against each other based on their Fame levels. Tournaments are broken down into Seasons that can have multiple tournaments. Rewards are granted at the end of Tournaments and Seasons.

2. House Banners allow users to customize banner art for their gladiators. This feature can be accessed through the Ludus and allows users to change banner art as well as add different layers of banner elements.

3. Titles allow users to differentiate themselves from other gladiators by applying a unique Title to each of their gladiators. Titles can be purchased with Silver or Gold and will appear during th…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 9 August 2013

Consensus track: Legends characters

Vote ended, thank you all for the feedback.  We will update the articles stating that other character names have been seen, but are NOT based on the characters themselves.

We have a debate that needs to be handled before i lock the Spartacus Legends article and start banning people. The outcome of this discussion and vote will effect if we have this as a fact, or trivia.

When Spartacus Legends came out, we all began to look for information, one piece that came out has become a minor problem. Characters, like Pollux, have been seen in the game, and have been added to the list of characters in the game.

While some agree with this, or dont care, others dont agree and keep removing it. This has gotten to a point of me re-adding it once a day as t…

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 7 August 2013

What Now?

I have a question to ask. Spartacus has ended, no more episodes, nothing else to cover, not many more things to change, there is probably nothing else to do. I may have asked many of you this before. I have currently been working on a wiki that I made, a wiki I made to carry on Spartacus (not the show exactly but the war) after the show ended. I first would like to ask you if, if there's nothing else to cover in the show, would any of you be interested in checking out my wiki?, it's fun and creative and you could make your own characters and stories. I made this wiki last year and it would help keep the story of Spartacus alive. Or you could just use fanfiction I guess.

I have had a few people say they would join but not much activity is go…

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Ookinooki Ookinooki 24 July 2013

Featured Articles

Hi all,

Well, with my newly granted admin rights I've decided to do something I've wanted to for a good long time; updating the 'Featured Article' on our main page!

In case you don't know, the Featured Articles are intended to show off our greatest works. They should be the pages that best show what our wiki has to offer. The pages need to be up to date (I know most of them are now, considering the show finished a while back now), need to include correct information, they must have correct spelling, grammer and punctuation, and they must look amazing!

So, I put it to all of you... Which pages do you feel deserve to be featured as the best we have to offer? Please leave your choices in the comments, you can vote for as many as you like, but pl…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 24 July 2013

Videos on the wiki

Hey everybody.

As many of you know when it comes to videos on the wikia, we have few. One of the problems is that many of our videos came from youtube and where shut down for copyright issues.

I have asked around, and i have found the Wikia video library (thanks to Gcheung28) This library has videos we can rely on.

Im asking all of you to go there and find videos we can use, then add them here. We are looking for anything related to the show. One thing im wanting is to add interviews with the cast to their articles so we have more then "this person played this person in Spartacus".

We also need to make sure we have as many promos as possible.

Here is a list of the "Spartacus" videos:

And here i…

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 23 July 2013

Front page

I fixed that red line that always showed up across the faces of the character boxes on the front page.

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 22 July 2013

New Spartacus Wiki Project

Before we all end up going stale, we need to get to work maintaining this wiki, and im not about to make you all wait for the community to decide to promote me.

We, as of me starting this blog, have 2,512 images, and i doubt any of them are used, or organized. I plan to fix this, the first step handling unused images.



Im asking all of you to comb through, and either find a use for the images, or mark them to be deleted. We can use gallery's for some images, but some are not in the show, and are not needed.

Once this is handled, i should have the templates needed for the larger project of taking the images we have, and organizing them, the only question will be is how we organize them. Im thinking we w…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 17 July 2013

Spartacus Legends Reviews.

You have played it, We have played it, and reviewers have played Spartacus Legends. The free to play game has been out for awhile now, and i figured we should share the reviews.

  • 1 Cheatcodechamp
  • 2 Xbox
    • 2.1 Shogun gamer
    • 2.2 Game skinny
  • 3 End

Mine first, it is my blog after-all.

The game is worth your time if you have the space on your harddrive, the three gig game has no price tag and to users like me (poor) that is worth the troubles it comes with.

That being said, if i paid for this game, i myself would be upset.

Xbox Live held nothing back, and, if anything, made it clear they did not like the game. The only perk they found was the price. They also gave it a thumbs down, showing their true disapproval of this bout in the arena.…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 13 July 2013

Move for Adoption

Hello editors,

It has been roughly two months since AchIIles has been here, and Dente has been gone almost as long. While we have no pressing matters, the job of the wiki is to maintain and grow, and i cant do it by myself. We need admins in place to keep things going when others fallout.

Before i go to the community central, i would like to make sure it is ok with all of you that i move for bureaucrat rights. This way, i can promote users to admin, to carry the torch, and keep the Spartacus wiki up to par.

This will be up 24 hours before i make the request, the community here is small enough that most, if not all of you, should have a chance to read this.

Good luck, and happy editing.-Cheatcodechamp (talk) 05:55, July 13, 2013 (UTC)


I se…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 4 July 2013


Today, Ubisoft is releasing Sword and Shield and Dual Sword command list on there forums! Here you can find the command lists for both of these fight styles on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. They will be releasing more of theses lists over the next couple days.


As of July 6, parts two and three are out, these include the moves for Spear and Shield, Two-Handed Trident,Dual Daggers, and the Two-Handed Hammer.

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 4 July 2013


In Celebration of the recent launch, Ubisoft and Spartacus Legends want to offer players a change to win a Spartacus legends T-shirt. This T-shirt may not protect you from the executions of those elite gladiators, but it will impress the other Lanistas!

There several ways to enter, increasing your chances of winning. These include liking the Spartacus Legends Facebook, tweeting, and watching a video of the game.

Click here to enter the sweepstakes >

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 28 June 2013

Handling New content

Hey everybody.

As you all know by now, Spartacus Legends is out and it brings new content the wikia needs to address. The game is far to small for its own wikia, so we need to decide how much we cover the content. I have an idea on how to address a few things, but i want to run this by the editors and get your ideas and view points out.

  • 1 Game locations
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Category's
  • 4 Achievements
  • 5 closing

The game has several location's you can send the gladiator to fight in, each with its own name. We need to decide if each place has its own article, covering the fights, and gladiators from that area.

Im saying (for the time being) no to there own articles, but im open to counter proposals.

Depending on how far in you are, you may have seen some opponent…

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 25 June 2013

Who Is Still Around

I noticed that our little Wiki-Community seems to have decreased as of late. Basically I'm just wondering how many of us are left on the Wiki? This is the only Wiki that I try to be on and just because the show is done doesn't mean we can't keep it up and keep the spirit of it alive :D

If there is just a few of us left, perhaps we should get a consensus on what more there is that can be done?

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 15 June 2013

Spartacus Legend Date moved up and confirmed.

Great news. the game Spartacus Legends's Facebook page has given us a date of when the came is coming out, and it isnt Christmas. Spartacus Legends will be available as a FREE download on Playstation Network on June 25th (North and South America) and worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade on June 26th. PlayStation Network release dates for Europe, Japan, and Asia are still being finalized and will be announced shortly (not by me, im to lazy, i may post it on the games article).

If this is true, this is alot better then waiting until December. lets hope it sticks.

As a recap, the game put you both in the roles as the Lanista, and the Gladiator in the arena fighting for his (your) name. You can mix and match weapons and armor to fit your fighters style…

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 4 June 2013

Mixing Lore, fact, and History,

As the wikia grows, we need to manage and expand on everything we can, and i have been thinking of a few ways to make sure we stay as high quality as possible.

Since the show is based of historical events, im thinking we need to do what we can to add history to the articles. For example, Roman Legions should have info on who each legion was historically, since i doubt Rome called them "Glabers legion". Since most of these people where real, it shouldn't be to hard to get names.

For larger articles, i see nothing wrong with interlinking our=selfs with wikipedia for some things, like cultures and large articles that can expand on what people can get out of the show. Media has become a way to get people interested in history, and i feel we shou…

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 4 June 2013

Favourite parts

There were parts in the show I loved

I loved the last scene of Gods of the Arena when Gannicus leaves. The soundtrack in that scene is also at the beginning of Spoils of War when Gannicus thinks Donar's dead.

I loved the end of season 3 episode 9 at Crixus' funeral pire, when the rebels are honouring the dead (I don't know why they mentioned Barca or Peitros though, they weren't rebels)

The part in the finale when Spartacus is trying to pick up the purple ribbon is a sad moment, and a powerful one to me

What moments did you like best.

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Valticus Altius Merius Valticus Altius Merius 2 June 2013

Spartacus and his gladiator style

¡Hola! mis hermanos gladiadores.

I'm here once again to bring a new question that for a while I'm doing.

I do not remember where it was that I read that Spartacus was believed he belong  the style dimachaerus.

but seek this information in other pages and can not find anything that says that it is believed that it was a dimachaerus.

then my question is:

the creator of the series (Steven S. DeKnight) was to whom he happened to put the chara cter of Spartacus as a Dimachaerus or is there any record of any historian who says that possibly belonged  dimachaerus-style?

another question: What other style that you would have liked them possessing the rebel king?

¡Nos veremos en otro momento mis hermanos! Gracias por todo (Thanks for everything) 

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Plutos Asshole Plutos Asshole 31 May 2013

Would anyone want to do this?

I'm new here and I was reading the wiki (which is wonderful by the way. Real great job to everyone here who has contributed) and I like all of the trivia sections for the characters. But I came across something.

In the trivia section of the page on Spartacus, it says that Spartacus has had the most kills out of any character.

This is obvious just watching the series. But, does anyone know the count? A rough estimate?

I think this would be interesting to see how many characters each of the main characters have killed if it is at all possible, especially Spartacus. Anyone want to take on the daunting task of doing this?- Could be split up. Or would it be too much to ask to do? Tell me what you think. Sorry if I am being rude here by joining ask…

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Valticus Altius Merius Valticus Altius Merius 30 May 2013

The Veteran and his End

hello I'm a new user here and I want to bring a little doubt mine ...

The veteran and is on its end in the series, we see him fight behind Naevia and also is seen behind a brief moment Gannicus, one might suppose that died killed by the Romans who surrounded Gannicus but ...

when we are at the scene of the Apian Way Gannicus right opposite, there is a man who is "old" and with a resemblance to the Veteran.

maybe this man will actually The Veteran and saw us at the end if his death? what do you think?

(I'm from Venezuela and my English is not very good, forgive any errors in my writing) Thanks for your attention

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 29 May 2013

Correus and Ediscus

OK, so some sort of consensus needs to be found amongst us contributors or an Admin needs to make an executive decision about what to do about Correus and Ediscus because these characters already have their own existing pages: Celtillus and Ludovicus.

For the sake of clarity and since I don't know the actor names, I'm going to refer to them in this article as The White Actor (TWA) and Black Actor (TBA)

Let's take them one at a time:


- We had previously named TWA "Celtillus" because in the original script there is a character named "Celtillus" who, along with Saxa, helps shoots the ballistae at the end of "Victory". Thus, we called TWA Celtillus.

- However, in Blood Brothers, we see TWA referred to as "Correus" …

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 28 May 2013

Gripes and nit picks

So there were a few nict picks and gripes I had with the final season.

At the beginning of Enemies of Rome, it opens with a large battlefield with the rebels fighting Roman soldiers. At first you only notice the rebels who are fighting in the front, but I couldn't help but look at the background characters. I wish these actors could have given a little more effort in making it look like they were actually fighting.

  • Even in Spoils of War when Naevia's fighting in the background behind Spartacus, she doesn't look like she's fighting, just casually swinging a plastic sword around (seriously go watch the episode, Naevia looks stupid)
  • That was also a problem I found in later episodes. When Crixus is facing Caesar, you have rebels in the background. T…
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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 26 May 2013

Update: Spartacus Legends.

As most of you may know, the game, Spartacus Legends, has been postponed to December of this year.

While no reason was given as to why this happened, we can only hope this will be a benefit. The two main reason this could have happened are:

  1. 1: The game had more bugs then they felt acceptable, and felt it would be better for the players to delay the game to make sure it was playable.
  1. 2: The game is being adapted to be compatible on the newer systems as well as the 360 and PS3. We can hope that this wont affect us in having to buy the Xbox one or PS4 to play this game.

Spartacus legends is still being advertised as a free-to-play game, so that always a good thing.

Also, my laptop busted the other day and is currently jury-ridged to stay on. If i …

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 24 May 2013

Missing Soundtracks

Hey everybody, hope you are all doing well. I was listening through all the soundtracks of the series that are all wonderfully and beautifully done. However, I also took note that there are several tracks that are unreleased and that bothers me because they are so good and I want them on my iPod! I'm curious to see if anyone else has noticed this and was wondering that, if there are enough of us, we could maybe get a hold of Steven S. DeKnight or Joseph Loduca or whoever we need to. Not sure why these tracks weren't included, I'll post some examples and if for some reason if I've overlooked them then I'd appreciate someone letting me know what the track name is and from what season it comes from.

Example One:

The theme that is played when Ag…

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Philanahembree Philanahembree 19 May 2013

End of the Show

So with the end of War of The Damned comes the end of the Spartacus series. This show was brilliant for what it was, but I unfortunately, was not satisfied with the season as a whole. When I saw the teaser trailer for the season, with Spartacus riding on his horse towards the Romans and smashing into them with that growl at the end, I thought this season was going to be so much different and epic.

First, I understand this show is also a drama, so it needs all that diologue infront of the action. But the season could have used just as much action. I expected a season called War of The Damned to have more battles in it. There was a battle at the beginning of episode 1, and at the end of episodes 3, 8 and 10, with a very slow build up in every ep…

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 17 May 2013

Thoughts on new background?

So I've volunteered myself to change the background because everyone was getting tired of looking at some surfer dude in Roman armor and Agron.  I thought maybe after all that we'd like something more subdued where we don't have someone staring back at us while we type, so what do y'all think of this one with the faceless Rebel army.  I like it because, as I mentioned, no one is staring at me and also because we wiki contributors are, in a sense, faceless members of Spartacus' army.

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 17 May 2013

Projects for the Wikia

Hey everybody, i figured this is the best way of talking to all of you, despite the fact im pretty sure we all read each-other's wall posts :)

Since the show is done, and all we have left to expect is the game, we need to focus on making sure the wikia is at a high level of quality in every way possible. While most character and episode articles are full and done, we have concerns that i ask you help in any way possible. I have found that group projects are always a good way to get jobs done, so i think we should try to use either this or the Admin:To-Do List to list projects and get them done.

  1. We need to go through the images here on the wikia. All images should be in use or they are a waste of space. I ask that if you get the chance, to f…
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Olemisscub Olemisscub 14 May 2013

Capitalizing the word "Rebels"

Something I've noticed since joining this site is the non-capitalization of the term "rebels" and it bugs me. This is grammatically incorrect for the most part. Before I became an evil attorney, I received a Masters Degree in American History specializing in the Civil War era, so needless to say I've read and written quite a bit about "Rebel" armies, haha. At any rate, when you are referring to something that is a unique entity, in our case we are usually referring to Spartacus' army, you capitalize it. This goes for both proper nouns (the Rebels launched the attack) and proper adjectives (Agron was a Rebel general). You don't capitalize it when you are using it as a common noun (Grandpa shook his fist and yelled "stop acting like such …

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Adventus Evander Adventus Evander 10 May 2013

Favourite Protagonist and Antagonist

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well!

I felt like doing a blog in order to gauge other users on who everyone's favourite hero and villain was! I want to see what it is about some characters that make you all like them. This show is great it outlining both sides of the coin in terms of "good" and "bad" yet even those are tangible. Just a fun little bit about why you like a certain character would be great :)

I'll start mine:

Protagonist: Gannicus

I love Gannicus just because he is he anti-hero and a flawed one at that. One of the most incredible fighters in the series, yet he carries a carefree and witty personality. His growth and character development in the show is aboslutely awesome and I love how it is in his interactions with others, …

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Anubis40 Anubis40 10 May 2013

Spartacus sword

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Cheatcodechamp Cheatcodechamp 9 May 2013

Character weapons.

Hey everybody.

As some of you may have noticed, we are now hosting articles for character weapons. Since we are doing this i wanted to run something buy everybody.

While some weapons are deserving of an article, like Crassus' Sword or Crixus' shield, we do not need to give every weapon, armor piece, or shield and article. So i expect we will not be seeing "Nasirs spear" or "Batiatus' toga" since those are not unique or special.

If you have any questions or comments please share them.-Cheatcodechamp (talk) 19:44, May 9, 2013 (UTC)

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 6 May 2013

Would like to see this on the front page

It's the petition for Madame Tussaud's to do a Sparty figure in the mold of Andy Whitfield.

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MissyRandomness MissyRandomness 28 April 2013

Favourite Season and best episode from each

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Olemisscub Olemisscub 28 April 2013

Character deaths in gifs project

So I've got pretty good gif making software (as some may have noticed) and I'm attempting a project where I get most character deaths that are shown on-screen and put them in gif format. I'm talking about those character deaths that are worthy of being made into gif format, not just someone slowly fading or whatever.  If I'm missing any, let me know.

Lucius Caelius

Unnamed Trainee

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