Battle outside Sinuessa.

The Battle outside Sinuessa took place in Men of Honor, between Spartacus, his small Rebel force and the Cilician pirates against Roman forces lead by Tiberius, Sabinus, Mummius and their small force of soldiers. The battle, while small in scale, was the first encounter between the forces of Marcus Crassus and Spartacus.


Spartacus and his group of Rebels (Crixus, Agron, Gannicus, Totus and others) meet the Cilician Pirates outside of Sinuessa's walls hoping to secure a means on food from outside the city. Despite the best efforts of Spartacus and Heracleo, the deal is unable to be met, before the two can part ways, Roman pilum's strike and kill several Pirates and Rebels. The Rebels and Pirates band together and charge the Romans forces.

The battle turns in the Rebel's favor when Heracleo sends a signal to his ships, who then catapult firebombs on Roman's before they are able to assist their comrades already in combat. Seeing the incoming bombardment and the heavy casualties inflicted by the Rebels, the Roman forces begin to route, Tiberius attempt to regroup his men, but is injured and is forced off the field by Sabinus.

Mummius death S3E03.png
Catapult's being fired at the Romans.


  • Roman Defeat
  • Rebel victory
  • The Rebels and Pirates are able to come to an agreement that assist the Rebels with supplies.
  • Marcus Licinius Crassus, outraged that his first encounter with Spartacus will forever be seen as a defeat, orders Tiberius and the rest of the survivors to undergo Decimation. Those who survive decimation are banished to the followers camp.

Deaths and casualties

  • Mummius: Burned to death.
  • Totus: Stabbed by Tiberius.
  • Tiberius: Stabbed by Totus, escapes with the aid of Sabinus.
  • Large number of Romans killed, estimated only fifty survivors.
  • Number of Rebels and Pirates killed (over 10 kills seen on screen).


This battle is based upon a historical event in Which Mummius was commanded to trail but not fight spartacus. The man disobeyed Crassus and was beaten by Spartacus. His men fled and Crassus revived Decimation.

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