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First appearance S1E07: Great and Unfortunate Things
S2E01: Fugitivus
Last appearance S2E01: Fugitivus
Profession Roman Citizen
Slave (House of Batiatus)
Escaped Slave
Race Roman
Relationships Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus, deceased)
Lucretia (Domina, deceased)
Varro (Husband, deceased)
Janus (Son)
Unnamed Brother
Spartacus (Friend, deceased)
Mira (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Mortally wounded by Romans)
Actor/Actress Brooke Williams

Aurelia is a Roman woman and wife to Varro. She becomes an indentured servant in the house of Batiatus in order to pay off her late husband's debts, but is later freed during the revolt. Spartacus later sends her away, but with unexpected consequences.


Auerlia is a Roman with long, brunette hair, and a thin build. At first she wears the attire of a typical Roman woman and even wears a bit of jewelry such as earring. She is later forced to wear the robes of a slave following her employment to Batiatus.


Aurelia is the wife of Varro , whom she loves dearly and is mutually loved. Together, they have a son, Janus, but have since fallen on hard times and thus he is forced to become a Gladiator in order to pay them. After Varro's death, she becomes greatly disheartened and despaired, blaming Spartacus. She later warms up to him after discovering how close he held Varro and his death wasn't his fault, although she desires him and the rest of the rebellion to stay out of her son's life.

Blood and Sand[]

Aurelia kissed by her husband when she visits the Ludus.

Aurelia is introduced visiting Varro at Batiatus' Ludus with their young son after he has Ashur send a letter to her. She denied this and wanted to personally send him the message, Varro was excited to see his family again and they talk for a while. Varro soon kissed her, to her surprise but joy.

Unfortunately, it is not a happy reunion for long as Varro discovers that she has been raped by a man named Titus and is (unwillingly) carrying his child. He also does not believe her when she says Titus forced himself upon her.

Titus later calls on her again, but she and her son fight him off and flee the city to live with her relatives out in the countryside. This worries Varro, and Spartacus convinces Mira to go out and look for her. She is found and brought to the ludus, where she tells Varro of their fortune. Their relationship is reconciled yet again and they agree to raise the unborn child together as their own.

Upon Varro's death, Aurelia is seen in widow's attire as she retrieves his body from the ludus for a proper burial. She learns that his death was by Spartacus' hand. Spartacus attempts to put his winnings towards Aurelia's well-being on behalf of Varro but she will not accept the money. To pay off Varro's unpaid debt she becomes a slave to Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. It is her presence in the ludus and Spartacus' loyalty to Varro and his family that stops him from attacking Batiatus when he has the chance, knowing that this would mean the death of Aurelia. Despite Spartacus' good will towards her, Aurelia blames him for the death of her husband. She reveals that with him dead, she felt unable to raise the child herself, having an abortion.

Her appearance also draws the attraction of Ashur who often gazes upon her and comments upon her beauty, though Mira aids in keeping him away from her by telling her that she is needed elsewhere during the times he is near her.

Numerius is killed by Aurelia.

Aurelia leaving the ludus as a free slave.

When the rebellion comes about, Aurelia is on the balcony with the guests. Lucretia entrusts Numerius to her care and they run into the back areas of the house to safety. Aurelia remembers what Spartacus told her before, that Varro died by the voice of Numerius for sport. She did not believe him at the time, but overhears Ilithyia and Numerius talking about Varro's death, before the revolt.

During the chaos, she questions Numerius on Varro's demise to still her curiosity. The young man, not realizing she is the wife of Varro, tells her that Varro was nothing. Aurelia, overwhelmed in grief and rage at this revelation, grabs a knife from a nearby table and, in tears, tells Numerius of how Varro would sing to his child and comfort her. Then, in a complete frenzy, she stabs Numerius in the neck repeatedly, screaming, "He was mine!" until Spartacus pulls her off of the now dead Roman. She leaves the ludus with Spartacus and the other freed slaves.


Aurelia is still stricken with grief but she trusts and respects Spartacus, who later sends her away to her son with some other slaves. Unfortunately, Glaber and his men intercepts the group and kills all the runaways except for Aurelia, who is captured and presented before a Roman crowd, where Glaber plans to force her to give up Spartacus's location. She is bloodied and battered and has "FVG" carved into her head, which

translates from ancient Roman into fugitives.

Aurelia before her death.

Spartacus, Agron, Crixus, Donar and Rabanus are able to save her, but she ultimately dies from her wounds. Her dying wish is for Spartacus to stay away from her son so that he would not die as his parents did.


  • Romans who sold themselves into slavery due to debt were called Nexi or 'contract servants'
  • Aurelia may be related to the Gens Aurelia, a Plebeian Roman clan whose name is derived from the Latin Aureus, meaning 'golden'. The first member of the gens to be elected to the Consulship was Lucius Aurelius Cotta in 252 BC during the First Punic War. The Gens Aurelia would become more prominent during the Principate/Imperial era of Roman history.
  • Aurelia is one of the only Romans to become a true ally to Spartacus and the first to join the revolt; the others being VarroLucius, Attius and Laeta


Aurelia: "Was it yours? The small little voice? Did it form the words that robbed Varro of life?"
Numerius: "Varro? He deserved to die. He was nothing ..."
Aurelia: "What did you know of the man? That he would sing to his child, sleeping in his arms? Or kiss the tear from my cheek, when I was of a mood? Did you know the father? The husband? (she caresses Numerius's face) He was not a perfect man. But he was mine. He was MINE!!!! (she stabs him repeatedly with a knife) HE WAS MINE!!! HE WAS MINE!!! HE WAS MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!"