Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S1E06: Delicate Things
Last appearance S1E11: Old Wounds
Profession 'Handyman'
Race Roman
Relationships Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Employer, deceased)
Ashur (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Mark Mitchinson

Aulus is Batiatus' 'handyman', doing whatever errand or dirty work he requests. Batiatus had him personally kill Sura, the wife of Spartacus, which led to his death and incited the rebellion when Spartacus discovered the deed.


Aulus is a hairy, rounded man of average height with short, dark hair. He has skills in stealth and combat, which he utilizes in his shady profession.


Aulus has no morals, doing Batiatus' dirty deeds for money, and seeking pleasure in wine and women. He also bares little loyalty, as he will be quick to forget his loyalties the moment his life is threatened.

Blood and Sand[]

Batiatus meeting Aulus in the ludus with dying Sura in his caravan.

As Sura's caravan arrives at the ludus, Aulus, covered in blood as he drives the caravan inside, says that they were attacked on the way from Neapolis.[1] He appears to be wounded.

He later speaks with Batiatus, regarding his change of plans to find Sura and kill her upon returning her to the Ludus but he is satisfied with the coin he is given for his cooperation.

Later on when Batiatus plans to exact revenge upon Magistrate Calavius for insulting Batiatus, he holds Calavius captive in the sewers. Aulus guards the captive, but falls asleep. Awoken by Ashur, he finds Calavius unconscious and leans in to see if he is still alive, but Calavius lunges forwards and bites a chunk of flesh from Aulus' neck. He punches the roman many times as revenge until he is halted by Ashur who examines the wound and says he should live but advises him to seek medical attention while he watches Calavius himself. Aulus goes to see the Medicus, who asks him what gave him the wound to which aulus replies it was "a rabid dog soon to be put down" the medicus gives him a drink to help him rest and though he complains about the drink he takes it anyway and rests. Soon, however, a suspicious Spartacus awakens next to him and inquires on Aulus' supposed wound inflicted during the raid of the Sura's caravan.

Spartacus just after killing Aulus.

Finding no wound, Spartacus grasps Aulus' neck and asks what happened, and Aulus admits that it was Batiatus who ordered him to kill Sura. Upon hearing this news, Spartacus does not relax his grip and strangles Aulus killing the man who took his wife from. As he finishes, Mira enters the room and witnesses what happens. Spartacus tells her to bind him so they won't suspect him in Aulus death. Batiatus is informed by Ashur the next day that Aulus died from his wounds. While Batiatus is slightly suspicious, Ashur reminds him that Aulus knew too much and his death tied up loose ends.


  • In history, 'Aulus' was one of the ten most common Roman personal names.
  • The name 'Aulus' is believed to be of Etruscan origin.
  • The Latin word for an assassin was Sicarius, which literally means "dagger man".


"Place foot on me again and find yourself once more a cripple".

-Aulus to Ashur


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