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First appearance S3E02: Wolves at the Gate
Last appearance S3E03: Men of Honor
Profession Blacksmith
Race Roman
Relationships Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Naevia)
Actor/Actress Cohen Holloway

Attius is a Roman and a blacksmith in Sinuessa en Valle. He is a friend of Gannicus whom he met when the latter gained his freedom.


Attius is a tall man of average stock. He has long black hair, a distinctive black beard and wears the attire of a lower-middle class Roman.


Attius is a blacksmith and therefore is involved in commerce. This has led to him being greedy to the point where the weight of coin could make him essentially do anything. He is considered slightly shady and untrustworthy. Despite this he possesses many qualities similar to his friend Gannicus, possessing a boisterous nature as well as loyalty towards those he calls friend. Also, atypical for a Roman, he doesn't hold slaves in low-regard and even appears to be repulsed by the upper classes use of them.

War of the Damned[]

When the Rebel's are plotting an attempt to the take city of Sinuessa en Valle, Gannicus mentions of a man, Attius, he met many years during his days of wandering the Republic. With that knowledge, Spartacus makes for him and Gannicus and Crixus to enter the city in order to find Attius. Attius works as a Blacksmith in the city of Sinuessa en Valle, however, the rebellion has brought his business down and he is only allowed to fashion weapons and armor for the city guard or making shackles and chains for the city's slaves, something he has noteable distaste for.

Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus meet with him in order to secure swords for them to use in the city. While he greets Gannicus fondly, he shows slight disdain for Spartacus' intentions until he becomes weighted with coin.

After being coerced to join the Rebels, he goes to see the main gate raised for the rebels to make their move. After being unable to successfully sneak, he alerts the guards to Spartacus but ends up locking them in the weapons warehouse to give Spartacus and Gannicus time to open the gate.

Rebels going through the gate.

With the gate successfully opened, the Rebels begin to pour into the city and take over. Attius does not take part in the fighting and hides while the fighting commences.

The next day, he forges more weapons for the rebellion in exchange for more coin, but the Rebels except for Spartacus and Gannicus regard him with disdain and refuse to trust him because he is a Roman. When Crixus forces Ulpianus and another Roman prisoner to fight to the death for the Rebels' amusement, he is disgusted. Naevia stabs the victorious Ulpianus in the hand and cl

Attius disgusted at Crixus.

aims that he was attempting to attack Crixus. Attius defends Ulpianus, only to receive more scorn from the Rebels.  Later, Naevia confronts Attius in his workstation and accuses him of trying to help the Roman prisoners escape. He denies this, but she calls him a liar and attacks him with her sword. He defends himself with a chain and initially gains the upper-hand, but she strikes him in the head with a hammer and kills him. Naevia continues to smash his corpse with the hammer until it is unrecognizable.

Attius' death by Naevia.

When the other Rebels find out, Naevia claims that Attius had attacked her unprovoked and that he was the one who was responsible for letting the Roman prisoners escape. Gannicus is deeply saddened by his death and at the same time also shows suspicious towards Naevia.

Following the discovery that Laeta was the one who was actually helping the Roman prisoners and not Attius, Gannicus becomes enraged and goes after Naevia and Crixus to honor Attius' memory. When confronting Naevia with this revelation she says it doesn't matter as Attius was a Roman who fell to a deserved fate prompting an enraged Gannicus to yell "He was my friend!" before entering a heated unarmed fight with Crixus, Naevia and other rebels. 

Following the massacre of the Roman prisoners led by Crixus, Gannicus affirms to Spartacus of Attius innocence. 


Gannicus:  "What piss does Heracleo offer?"

Attius: "Absinthe, by name.  I once drank six cups and found myself in heated argument with imaginary cat!"

Gannicus:  "Then let us drink seven and attempt to finish argument!"[1]
Attius and Gannicus

"The man has never raised voice in anger to slave or any other! How do your friends differ from the fucking villain they brand me!?" - Attius to Gannicus.

"You wish for blood?  Come then, and find greater challenge than a simple crafter of breads in fucking chains!" - Attius responding to Naevia's unfounded assault

"Tell me you have not brought the Bringer of Fucking Piss and Shit to my very door." -Attius to Gannicus

"Fuck my ass!" - Attius narrowly avoiding guards


  1. Spartacus War of the Damned Season 3; Episode 2


  • In Latin, a blacksmith was known as a Farrarius, the etymological origin of the English word Farrier.
  • The gens Attia was a plebeian family at Rome, which may be identical with the gens Atia, also sometimes spelled with a double t.
  • Attius appears to have had some skills in combat as he was able to hold his ground against Neavia, whose skills allowed her to best roman soldiers with ease.
  • As Attius held no loyalty to the Republic, and was said by Gannicus to stand Roman "only by name" is can be presumed he is a descendant of a freedman.