Spartacus Wiki
First appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 1
Last appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 16
Profession Slave (freed by Crassus)
Race Greek
Relationships Hieronymus (Temporary Dominus)
Albanus (Sold her to Hieronymus)
Marcus Licinius Crassus (Dominus)
Status Alive

Athenais is a Greek woman sold to Albanus by her father to pay off his debts.[1]


Athenais has cream white skin and long black hair. She has sapphire blue eyes and flawless skin.[2] She is seen wearing a thin silk dress that is drawn at the waist but not stitched along the side. She is also a virgin.

Spartacus: Morituri[]

She is seen by Batiatus in the garden of a house owned by Albanus. At first glance, he assumes she is a free women until he sees her collar around her neck. Batiatus becomes extremely lustful of her and becomes set on buying her. However, Albanus also shows her to Hieronymus, hoping to get the two men to start a biding war. Batiatus goes as high as five thousand sesterces, but is outbid by Hieronymus, who pays six thousand.

Later, at his Ludus, Batiatus hosts Albanus hoping to learn more about Hieronymus' actions, and what he is using Athenais for. After a few drinks, Albanus lets slip that after purchase, Hieronymus gave her away as a gift to an unknown friend of his. He goes on to say that Hieronymus, like many other Greeks, prefers boys.

Batiatus soon discovers that she was given to Marcus Licinius Crassus to curry his favor. After looking at her, he discovers bruises on her thigh. He finds this strange as Crassus is known to be more caring with his slaves. Despite his views on slaves, he becomes angry to see that women as beautiful as her being harmed.

The wounds were being dealt by Mantilus, the "Doctore" of house Hieronymus. Mantilus had been actively and brutally persistent twords Athenais. Once this was discovered by Lucretia,[3] She and her husband where able to convince her to help them by spiking the water of Hieronymus with the same poison he was having put into Batiatus's and Solonius's water to weaken their Gladiators.

After Hieronymus was dishonored and Mantilus killed in an "mishap" at the Arena, Crassus gives her her freedom in order to distance himself from Hieronymus' actions.


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