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Mira with an Archus.

The bow and arrow is a projectile weapon system that predates history.

In ancient Rome, the bow was given the Latin name Archus, while the arrows were called Sagitta.

In Roman form, the bow took the design of a flexible wooden arc and string, with which fletched arrows (with stone or metal heads) could be fired.

In History[]

Archers were a major part of most ancient countries war machines. The Romans didn't use them to the same extent as other ancient civilizations like Egypt they did recognise the importance of archers in the ancient battlefield and placed them with great skill alongside their legions. The normal weapon of Roman archers, both infantry and cavalry units, was the composite bow. It has been suggested that most Roman composite bows may have been asymmetric, with lower limbs shorter than the upper.[6]

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On Screen[]

In the episode Chosen Path, Lucius trains several of the rebel slaves in Spartacus' group in the use of the bow. His best student is Mira, who quickly takes to the weapon. Later, when Chadara attempts to betray the rebels and sneak away with their map, Mira shoots her down with her bow and arrow; though she was intending to only wound the traitor, her shot pierced Chadara's throat, killing her instantly.

In the episode Balance, Lucius and Mira spring from hiding to provide covering fire with their bows for Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus as they retreat from Glaber's ambush. Lucius stays behind to hold off Ashur's thugs with his bow, however despite his skill and advantage of range, The Egyptian takes three arrow hits to the limbs and torso without seeming to even feel them, closes in, and beheads Lucius.

In the episode Monsters, Mira, Naevia and several other rebels use their bows to cover the group's retreat from the temple, along with the aid of burning oil flasks.

In the episode Wrath of the Gods, Mira accompanies Spartacus in his mission to rescue the foolish Germans who are attempting to breach the siege. Again, Mira uses her bow to cover the retreating rebels, though an axe thrown by Salvius at Spartacus strikes her instead, ending her life.

Users of this Weapon[]

Mira takes aim with her bow (archus) and arrow (sagitta).

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