Spartacus Wiki
First appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 1
Last appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 3
Profession Slaver
Race Syrian
Relationships Batiatus(Client/Deseased)
Hieronymus (Client)
Status Unknown (presumed active)

Albanus is a Syrian Slaver who lives in Capua.


Albanus is described as a greasy little man with beady black eyes.


Albanus is always conniving and planing. His goal is to make as large a profit as possible. As a slaver, he also has little respect when it comes to their treatment. Dispite him not being Roman, he shares their attitude of lesser peoples.


Albanus is giving Batiatus a "private" showing of his wares. When he shows him Athenais, he also brings in Hieronymus, who is also seeking to buy a slave. He uses the two men's presence to start a bidding war over Athenais, and secedes by getting the final price of six thousands sesterces

Albanus is last seen at Batiatus' Ludus being hosted as a honored guest. Batiatus invited mainly to learn more about Hieronymus and what became of Athenais. Albanus lets slip that Athenais was given as a gift to an unknown "Friend", but he knows little of he man other then that. After this Batiatus give the slaver some more entertainment and makes no further contact with him.