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Aemilia Vestalin
First appearance S1E08: Mark of the Brotherhood
Last appearance S1E13: Kill Them All
Profession Roman Noble
Race Roman
Relationships Sextus (Husband, deceased)
Ilithyia (Friend, deceased)
Caecilia (Friend, deceased)
Licinia (Friend, deceased)
Lucretia (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Escaped Gladiators)
Actor/Actress Mia Pistorius

Aemilia is one of Ilithyia's rich Roman friends and the wife of Magistrate Sextus.

Character Outline[]

Aemilia is a noblewoman of Rome, and as such always appears well-dressed and bejeweled.

Her husband Sextus, was the former magistrate in Capua. He retired, and was succeeded by Magistrate Titus Calavius.

She is shown to be a lover of wine and finer things such as jewelery and clothing.

Blood and Sand[]

Ilithyia invites Aemilia, Caecilia and Licinia to spend an evening with Lucretia in the villa, eager to show off her new purchase of a gladiator, Segovax.[1] The conversation drifts, however, when they discover that Segovax is not yet a true gladiator. They talk instead of Lucretia and her villa, and remark on her lower standing. Aemilia confesses that she would like to see a real gladiator and Spartacus is brought forth.

Aemilia,Caecilia, & Ilithyia at Numerius birthday.

Aemilia is present at Numerius' birthday, she and her friends talk about the mysterious disappearance of Licinia and wonder what happen. She and Caecilia both laugh when Lucretia states that maybe she went out looking for another man. She is invited with her husband, Sextus and the rest of the nobles of Capua to view the fight between Spartacus and Crixus. She comments on how Crixus fights just as well as Spartacus despite Spartacus' 

Ilithyia sealing the doors.

reputation. When Spartacus launches his attack on Batiatus, the host pulls her husband in front of him, and Spartacus kills him instantly. Aemilia rushes down to the villa, struck with grief at her husband's death. The gladiators soon break in and start to murder all the Roman nobles. Aemilia attempts to flee the villa, following Ilithyia to the exit. However, when she reaches the exit and calls out to her friend, Ilithyia shuts the doors on her, locking her inside the villa where she is soon found by the gladiators and killed.[2]


  • Aemilia may be related to the Gens Aemilia, a Patrician clan who were believed to have descended from Mamercus, the son of the Sabine prince Numa Pompilius, who became the second King of Rome.
  • Her name possibly comes from the Latin 'aemulus', meaning 'imitator'.


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