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The Murderer.jpg
First appearance S2E05: Libertus
Last appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
Profession Assassin
Race Celt
Relationships Glaber (Employer, deceased)
Ashur (Leader, deceased)
The Egyptian (Ally, deceased)
Fimbria (Ally, deceased)
Danus (Ally, deceased)
Nileus (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Toby Lawry

Abrax is a mysterious character who works as a member of Ashur's Group. He is a minor antagonist throughout Vengeance.

Character Outline[]

A man of average size, he is first seen in the Capuan brothel where Marcia works, drinking and spending time with prostitutes. A skilled brawler, Abrax utilizes unarmed combat with deadly skill with the ability to easily withstand powerful strikes and best those larger than he is. Abrax' most distinctive feature are his vibrant facial tattoos, possibly Celtic in origin.


He is first seen in the Capuan brothel where Marcia works, drinking and spending time with prostitutes. When Gannicus arrives in Capua, he arrives at the brothel and tends to the services of Marcia. When Gannicus tells his story to Marcia, Abrax overhears this.

The murderer's death by Gannicus.

Here he is later found by Ashur, fighting with a larger man. Despite being tossed around by this man, Abrax is still unphased by the assault. When Ashur calls for his attention, he quickly punches the large man down and crushes his skull under his boot. Ashur then explains that he has a proposition for Abrax that is suited to his particular talents. Abrax accompanies Glaber, Ashur and his fellow assassins to Seppius' villa, where he aids in killing everyone present, slave and guard alike.

Later, he is assigned by Ashur to spy on Gannicus while he is in Capua. Before moving to kidnap Ilithyia, Gannicus kills him with his rudis, leaving his body in Ilithyia's wagon with the wooden sword still in his neck as a sign to Glaber.


  • He is the first of Ashur's Group to have been killed, and is also the first to be recruited.
  • He looks similar in appearance to Kratos from the game God of War.
  • Though depicted as a Celt, the name Abrax may be of Greek origin.
  • A mercenary in Latin was Mercennarius, meaning "hireling".
  • The Latin term for an assassin would be Sicarius, which literally means "dagger man".


  • Ashur (to Abrax): "I have an offer to discuss, one suited to your particular talents."[1]




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