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Abelia Gargan
Abelia Gargan 01.jpg
First appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
Last appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
Profession Citizen
Race Roman
Relationships Nestorius Gargan (Husband, deceased)
Gargan Twins (Sons, deceased)
The Jackal (Rapist, deceased)
Status Deceased (Died giving birth to the Gargan Twins)
Actor/Actress N/A

Character Outline[]

Abelia Gargan was the beautiful wife of Nestorius, victim of The Jackal, and mother to the latter's children, Decimus and Tiberius. She lived with her husband in the countryside far from Capua, where they were happy together. When her husband left to fight a war, his wife was attacked raped by a lustful Jackal, whom she managed to kill not long after. She falls pregnant and, unwilling to risk the children being her husbands, keeps them. 


Abelia Gargan pregnant.

Abelia is a beautiful young Roman woman with olive skin. She has long black hair and eyes that are never seen directly. She has a shapely, rather slim build, but grows in size during her pregnancy. During her final days, she appears off-color, malnourished and severely underweight, yet large due to her pregnancy at the same time. She is seen either wearing the basic attire of a simple Roman peasant, or nothing at all, being fully naked.