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A Place In This World
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Season 2
Number Episode 02
Date Aired February 3, 2012
Writer Brent Fletcher
Director Jesse Warn
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A Place in This World is the second episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-first episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Spartacus and his men liberate a Roman villa, but its slaves are wary. Oenomaus throws himself into the brutal Pits, and Glaber supports Lucretia's prophecies, despite Ilithyia's protests.


The episode starts off with a flashback of a young man (Oenomaus) in The Pit. The young Oenomaus is in the middle of a fight with a large man who has the upper hand in the fight. Oenomaus puts up a fight, cutting his

Oenomaus in the pit.

opponent a handful of times, throughout a barrage of attacks that repeatedly knock him to the floor. Oenomaus is finally able to stab the fighter deep in his thigh, then proceeding to stab him in the face and neck area several times, even after he is dead. After the fight, Titus Batiatus asks the pit owner to show him Oenomaus. The pit boss explains that Oenomaus has proven to be stubborn and, as far as he is concerned, untrainable. Despite this, Titus sees more than that in Oenomaus and buys him for eight Denarii .

Back in the present, Oenomaus has returned to the Pit, having painted his face the same as he had when he was younger. He is seen waiting for his next opponent when the pit master comes and tells him it's his turn to fight.

At Batiatus' Ludus, Glaber and Marcus are trying to figure out the new location of Spartacus and his men. Marcus suggest that since they can hire no local help, they should try to convince Seppius to lend them his aid. While Glaber sees him as an inferior, not worthy to join them, Marcus reminds him that despite how he may feel, Seppius' men are needed to give them an edge over Spartacus. As they are discussing this, Lucretia enters the room and states that in order to restore the house to its former glory, and give blessing to those inside, that the gods require a sacrificial offering asking for their aid. Glaber permits Lucretia to go to the market and get what she needs, and tells Marcus to invite Seppius to the Ludus so they may talk about joining forces. Before Lucretia leaves the room, Glaber asks her to ask the gods to tell them the location of Spartacus so that Glaber's men can end him before he attacks again.

Meanwhile, Spartacus and his Rebels come across a ludus that Batiatus sent Naevia to (in order to gain favor from its owner). While Spartacus and his men jump the wall and begin killing its guards, the ludus' Dominus is having sex with one of his body slaves, Chadara. By the time he hears the cries of the rebels, they have stormed his

"The bonds the slavery have been cut."

ludus and are killing his men. After the fighting is over, Spartacus rounds up the ludus slaves and the Dominus in the courtyard. He informs the slaves that they are now free and are welcome to join them in their cause against those who would see themselves as their masters. When the Dominus tells his slaves to be quiet, Crixus asks him who he is. Upon the reply of admitting he is the Dominus, Crixus states that "We should have words" in order to find where Naevia is. After enduring a beating from Crixus for several minutes, the Dominus tells Crixus that he knows Naevia, but he has no idea where she was sent when he was done with her. Crixus, 

Nasir's Dominus death by Crixus.

outraged at the man's answers and lack of more useful knowledge, kills him with his bare hands.

As the bodies of the dead (including the now former Dominus) are being piled up to be disposed, the rest of the Rebels are looting the ludus. Many of the newly freed slaves look on with fear as they watch. Rhaskos approaches Chadara and hits on her, but before she has a chance to respond, Mira interjects and insults him so he leaves to drink with the rest of the Gauls. Chadara begins to ask about how some of the men stand in rank and power. When she asks about Spartacus, she is quickly able to see Mira's feelings for him. Mira, not wanting to go into much detail about their relationship, sends Chadara to help take inventory of the ludus.

While the looting and celebrating is going on around them, Spartacus and Agron are talking about the brief battle. While none of the men were killed, Liscus and another Gaul were injured in the battle due to their carelessness and risk taking. Despite the minor setbacks, they now have enough armor and weapons to arm a dozen more men. Crixus says that they will need them when they attack the next villa, before explaining to Spartacus that Naevia was sent away to be used by the next Dominus. Spartacus assures him that they will find and rescue Naevia and kill everybody who kept them apart. Despite still being upset, Crixus leaves to see to his men and stop them from being so unruly. As he sees to this, Agron tells Spartacus that even if they find Naevia, she won't be the same women they once knew, and that they are wasting resources freeing simple house slaves instead of already well trained men. Spartacus tells him that despite their lack of training, they are still people and should be freed. As he says this, he goes to a group of the newly freed slaves and tells them that they are now able to take revenge for being enslaved by the Romans, who will be bled for their crimes. He then signals Tychos and Sophus to give the now freed slaves some weapons so they can be trained.

Ilithyia being bathed by her body slave.

At the Ludus, Ilithyia complains about how she hates the very air of Capua while she is being bathed by her body slaves. One tells her to close her eyes and let the world slip away. She begins to fantasize about her night with Spartacus, but is interrupted when Glaber walks in and assumes the rippling of the waters to be from their child kicking. Glaber asks Ilithyia to escort Lucretia to the market in the morning so she can get what she needs for the sacrifice. Despite her dislike of the very idea that the gods would speak to Lucretia, Glaber insist she go. When Ilithyia asks Glaber if he really believes Lucretia to be blessed by the gods, Glaber tells her he will believe anything that will hurry the death of Spartacus and their return to Rome. At the Rebel occupied villa, Spartacus and Mira are getting ready to sleep. Both are happy to be sleeping in

Nasir's attempt to kill Spartacus fails.

a real bed for the first time in what feels like forever. While lying in bed, Mira asks Spartacus to tell her how he sees their relationship. Spartacus tells her that all he has known in life has been hardships, but when he is with her he is able to know some comfort. As he is saying this, Nasir, one of the slaves they freed, attacks him with a knife. Mira yells and Spartacus disarms and restrains Nasir. Nasir explains that he was a body slave and that he had power and respect, but now that his Dominus is dead, his life would be forfeit if apprehended by Romans. He goes on to say he sees Spartacus as doing nothing more than trying to replace his master. Spartacus asks Nasir what would have happened if he had attacked his Dominus, Nasir says he would have killed him. With that, Spartacus has him restrained and takes him to the other rebel leaders to decide what they should do with him.

And how do you propose we train this wild little dog? -Agron.

Spartacus is willing to give him a second chance, seeing that the bonds of slavery are not so easily broken. However, both Crixus and Agron believe letting him live would be a mistake and that he should be killed. Spartacus says that by killing him, they would be sending the wrong message to those who would join their cause- that they are no better than the Romans who use pain and fear to keep power. Instead, Spartacus decides to train Nasir himself, the same way Batiatus and Doctore trained him. In the pit, Oenomaus is preparing for another fight. He is pitted against Liberius, who is given a set of plumbata, while Oenomaus is given vinculum. During the fight, Liberius manages to stab Oenomaus in the shoulder, then push him hard against one of the wooden pillars. When this happens, Oenomaus briefly has a flashback not too long after he was bought by Titus. Despite being skilled, Oenomaus lacked the discipline to see it harnessed. Titus explains to Oenomaus that he must learn to submit if he ever wants to become a champion. When Oenomaus asks what he must do to prove his worth, Titus tells him he must find his purpose- a reason to fight. Oenomaus says that he fights to stay alive, but Titus explains that he must fight for something more than to just stay alive. Oenomaus, back to his current fight, takes the weapon from Liberius's hands, throws him to the ground, and proceeds to stab him in the throat until he dies, similar to the kill of the fighter when he was a young man. As he is doing this, an unknown person in a red robe leaves the crowd, keeping their face covered. When the pit master announces Oenomaus the winner of the battle,

Titus talking to young Oenomaus.

 he tells him to send a new opponent so he can fight him as well. The pit boss asks what he should do with the next man's opponent, to which Oenomaus replies "Send him as well."

Back at the Rebel base, Spartacus and his men begin training the new slaves to join the rebellion. Spartacus personally trains Nasir, helping him learn the basics of the sword and shield. As they train the other gladiators all watch, most disagreeing with Spartacus allowing him not only to live, but to wield a weapon.

In the Capua market place, Ilithyia is escorting Lucretia while the latter looks for the items she needs. Ilithyia questions Lucretia about her new found faith, seeing that she used to speak little of the gods before. Lucretia then brings up some of her reforming memories. She brings up Ilithyia's first visit to the villa, and how all Lucretia wanted to do back then was to simply befriend her to gain power, and now they are true friends. While the two start talking, a crowd starts to form, asking her for the god's blessings. While Lucretia is busy with the crowds, Seppia comes over to Ilithyia to catch up on the latest gossip and informs her that her brother, Seppius left to meet with Glaber. When Seppia learns that Ilithyia has fallen behind on gossip and has become more of a recluse since becoming a wife and soon to be mother, she admits she hopes to never share her fate, seeing it as dull. With that Seppia exits, leaving Ilithyia with Lucretia. While Lucretia is blessing the people, the same cloaked figure in red robes from the pit comes up to her. She sees their face and looks at them, shocked for a moment. The person then slips her a small piece of paper and leaves.

Back at the ludus, Seppius and Glaber met to discuss combining their forces to stop Spartacus. Seppius makes it perfectly clear that he sees it as Glaber's fault that Spartacus came to Rome, and how people are now dead because of it, including his cousin Sextus. Seppius goes on to say that while his own men have been unable

Glaber meeting with Seppius to discuss Spartacus.

to kill Spartacus, Glaber's men have been no more successful. Marcus attempts to remind them that, while neither have been able to stop him, both can agree they he is a common foe. Seppius then asks why it should be Glaber's men who would lead the combined forces to which Glaber replies that it is because he has been graced with Lucretia and her blessing from the gods. Seppius reminds him that his wife was also at the party when Spartacus escaped, and that she took her clutch of men with her and left, soldiers that could have tipped the scales in their favor. Glaber becomes angry, telling Sextus to be more careful with his words. Seppius tells him that he does pick his words carefully and tells Glaber he only has power because his father-in-law did it as a favor. With that, Seppius refuses to lend support and leaves.

At the rebel camp the Gauls are busy drinking and singing while Spartacus and Crixus discuss their next move. Crixus doesn't like how Spartacus is willing to treat the newly freed slaves the same way he does the other rebels. Despite this, they both agree to head out at first daybreak to the next villa. While the two of them talk, Agron talks with Nasir, and asks him his name so he will know what to call him after he dies. Nasir says Tiberius, saying that he is more Roman then Syrian. Agron tells him that they had a Syrian gladiator at Batiatus' ludus and that he was "A treacherous fuck if ever there breathed".

As this is going on, Rhaskos and Chadara are having sex up against a wall. Mira finds them and pulls a knife out to stop them, assuming Rhaskos was raping her. Instead, she is shocked to find out that Chadara agreed to have sex with him for protection. Mira tries to tell her that they are free and don't need to be

Chadara telling Mira she agreed to have sex with Rhaskos.

protected but Chadara tells her she is wrong and that you do need protection and she is paying for it the only way she knows how, and tells Mira that she is doing the same with Spartacus. Back at the Batiatus' Ludus, Lucretia is preparing for her sacrifice, while Glaber and Ilithyia stand back and watch. Ilithyia tells Glaber that it is a bad idea to let her go through with this, and that she may anger the gods, but Glaber tells her that any risk is worth the reward of capturing Spartacus. When she is done with her preparations, Lucretia takes the goat she bought at the market, says

Lucretia doing her sacrifice.

a blessing, and slits its throat. Glaber, expecting something to happen, tells his men to clean up the mess when she is done and see her cleaned as well, before leaving in annoyance as nothing happened.

In the pit, Oenomaus is resting after another fight he managed to win. Despite his injuries, he still wants to fight and do so until he is killed. He is told his next opponent, Caratacus, is a beast and will kill him in his current condition. Oenomaus tells the pit master that if Caratacus fails to kill him, then he should send somebody who will. As the pit master leaves to ready the fight, Oenomaus has a final flashback. He remembers back to when he was branded with the mark of house Batiatus. After it is done Titus tells him that he knows Oenomaus is destined for the glories of the Arena and that he fears for those who would be placed before him. Oenomaus then tells Titus that he has found a reason to fight. His has chosen to bring honor and glory to Batiatus and his house. Titus is honored that he would fight for his name, then leaves to return to the villa.

Back in the present, Oenomaus' fight with Caratacus is extremely one sided, Oenomaus is disarmed and is thrown around the pit, never given a chance to recover. He briefly sees a young him and Titus standing in the crowd, this gives him a brief burst of energy to fight. Despite this, he is again thrown to the ground as Caratacus prepares to finish him off. At the same time, Lucretia continues with her ritual, dissecting the goat with Ilithyia watching her. As she is doing this, Ilithyia sees the knife used to slit the goat's throat. She picks it up as she sneaks behind Lucretia,

Ilithyia about to kill Lucretia.

planning on killing her. In the pit, Caratacus is lifting his hammer to smash in Oenomaus' head, when suddenly a knife is thrown from the crowd, killing Caratacus. Before anybody can react, the figure in red robes draws a second knife and throws it into the throat of the pit master. The robed figure is recognized by Oenomaus, but before he can do anything, the person kicks him in the face and knock Oenomaus unconscious. As Ilithyia is about to plunge the knife into Lucretia, one of her body slaves, Thessela, comes in to inform her some men have arrived at the gate.

At the same time, six Roman guards have arrived at the villa Spartacus and the rebels are hiding in. Spartacus believes them to be scouts of a larger force, and tells his men that if they were to attack them, there is a chance that one could escape and alert the rest of their men. He tells them it is best to take a more cautious approach. They have Nasir greet the Romans, and tell them that his master is away in Picentia on business. When he is asked why he isn't at his master's side, he responds that he is trusted more than any other to keep an eye on the villa while his master is away. As the soldiers are getting ready to head out, the leader notices the lack of Nasir's slave collar. The soldier tries to hide what he has noticed but Nasir realizes and invites them in, saying he will make their trip from Capua worthwhile. Crixus and the others believe this to be him betraying them and charge out and ambush the guards. While the two groups fight, Nasir watch's from a corner, eyeing a sword dropped by one of the Romans. He picks it up as he sees one of the Romans hit Agron and move to Spartacus who is busy with another man. As Agron calls out trying to warn Spartacus, he turns in time to see Nasir stab the soldier through the chest, killing him and saving Spartacus. After the Romans are dead Crixus demands to know why Nasir didn't let the Romans leave. Nasir explains about the collar, and says that killing them was the only way to prevent them from returning with a larger number of men. Before Spartacus leaves, Nasir reveals his real name, as they had all been calling him Tiberius.

Ashur revealing himself to Glaber in the hallway.

At the Ludus, Glaber heads to the main hall, demanding to know why somebody is calling on them at such a late hour. Two men, led by the figure in red robes, drag in and present Oenomaus, chained and on his knees. The figure tells them it is a gift, before removing their hood, reveling himself to be Ashur. Lucretia comes in, still covered in goat's blood, saying that the gods truly heed her prayers. In her hand she crumples the note she was given in the market.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tiberius is likely the name given to Nasir by his Roman master, a common practice by slave owners.


"All men can be tamed, no matter how wild. One must only find an ember of purpose, and give it breath."
-Titus Batiatus

Crixus: "Are you the Dominus of this house?
Dominus: "I am."
Crixus: "Then we should have words."

Dominus: "How was I to know that she held meaning?"
Crixus: "Did she not breath? Did her heart not breath like any other womans?"

"The bonds the slavery have been cut. Never again will you feel them tighten around your neck, robbing you of breath, and life."'

"The gods would rather piss on Rome then whisper in her ear."

"You've already killed me once! Don't hesitate to revisit the deed!"

Agron: "Then how do you suppose we should train this wild little dog?"
Spartacus: "The same way Batiatus and Oenomaus trained me."
Agron: "And that turned out so well."

"One must learn to kneel if he's ever to rise."
-Titus Batiatus

Oenomaus: "Send another to face me."
Pit Announcer: "And what of his opponent?"
Oenomaus: "Send him as well."

"What name do you go by little man, so I may properly mourn your passing."
-Agron to Nasir

"Freedom is not without cost, and I pay with the only gold I have."



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